Dairy Co-ops: Sodhi pitches for youth participation

Speaking on the occasion of international conference on South -South and Triangular Cooperation GCMMF MD R S Sodhi outlined a strategy aimed at enlisting the youth into dairy cooperative movement.

Conceding that the milk industry is not glamorous enough to attract today’s youth Sodhi talked about Amul’s new initiative ”cow to consumer”.

Under this programme, Amul creates a digital account for a farmer. When a farmer goes to deposit milk at a collection centre, the quality and quantity of milk is assessed and updated on the card that comes with the account. Based on the quantity and quality, money is transferred to the account of the farmer immediately which could be accessed by him through a mobile app, he said.

Another programme aimed at attracting youth is dairy entrepreneurship scheme under which youth can go for a farm size of 20-30 cows and buffaloes and it would be financed by the banks with Amul marketing for it.

One of the main reasons for introducing such schemes was to make the dairy industry attractive for the tech-savvy youth, Sodhi added.

The demand for milk by 2050 would be around 540 million litres in the country and to meet this demand, the dairy industry will have to be commercially viable for India’s youth, Sodhi said.

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