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Submit Your Success Story

Indiancooperative.com celebrates IYC 2011 ! You can submit success story of your cooperative by sending your story to info@www.indiancooperative.com

with the SUBJECT Line : Success Story

If we find them eligible it would be displayed by Indiancooperative.com

Assorted stories would form part of the book titled “ Stories of cooperative success in India” to be released next year on the occasion of  IYC 2012.

Such stories from Indian cooperative.com are straightway going to ICA home page thus offering unique opportunity to Indian cooperative of global exposure.Indiancooperative.com is going to have its mini-site on this News Hub that will display all our content along with links to our website and any promotional messages.Indiancooperative.com received an invitation in August from Anthony Murray, Online Editor to be a part of the Global News Hub, which was launched in September in partnership with the International Co-operative Alliance.

The Hub collates articles from co-operatives across the world on one news-based website. It will be available in multiple languages in due course and will allow co-operators to share their experiences and to find inspiration from others.

One can see the news stories at http://www.ica.coop, the main home page of ICA.

It’s a great opportunity. Let us put our best foot forward before the world!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When will merge district cooperative bank into state cooperative bank in punjab

  2. Francis says:

    I have written to SIR five days back that our DY Reg has suspended all office bearers only and how to regularize the society but no reply

  3. francis says:

    SIR Means Respected I.C.Naik