Amul ice cream: Sodhi issues video clip countering rumour

Leading from the front GCMMF Managing Director R S Sodhi has issued a video clip countering rumour- mongering by vested interest on the issue of Amul using an emulsifier, E-471, made from an animal source.

Later, talking to Indian Cooperative Sodhi added that it was done out of malice without a grain of truth. The emulsifier can be made from either animal fat or from plant oils (soybean, cande, palm, sunflower, cottonseed or coconut oil) and as the Taste of India, the emulsifier we use is purely derived from 100% vegetarian source only, he added.

There were several Amul supporters who also got active when they noticed vested interest spreading rumour with one of them writing “Billions of Indians enjoying AMUL for years, dont pay heed to false propaganda against Amul. It is not a corporate to deceive you for profits, it is owned by millions of farmers. Put you faith in them.”

Someone else tweeted” Amul is the kind of brand that I would trust with my eyes closed. I don’t know why, but I simply do, having grown up with the brand”.

Earlier, it was alleged on social media that Amul uses emulsifier derived from pig for its ice creams and thus hurts the sentiments of minorities.

Watch the Video: