NCUI: NCCE’s bid to professionalize fisheries co-ops

NCCE of NCUI recently organized a Training Programme for modernization and professionalization of fish farming through cooperative system for Chairmen and Directors of fishermen’s cooperatives at, New Delhi. The participants from Telangana, Karnataka. & Assam attended the training program.

The objective of the program was to improve knowledge and skill of cooperative functionaries so that they could professionally run their cooperative societies.

The participants were provided a platform to interact with other participants to discuss the challenges and issues facing cooperative societies. A number of subjects relevant to the Fisheries Sector had been incorporated into the program.

N. Satya Narayana, Chief Executive NCUI inaugurated the program and said, the Fisheries sector is playing a very important role in providing quality fish food on remunerative prices and suggested every society should make a business plan in the coming years.

During the course. B.K. Mishra, Managing Director FISHCOPFED outlined the role of FISHCOPFED in the development of Fisheries Cooperatives. Ashok B. Pillai, Chief Director, NCDC took a session on Schemes of NCDC for Fishermen Cooperatives and Innovative methods for Fish farming.

Several other relevant topics were discussed by experts and faculty members during the course. For example, there were detailed discussions about Cooperative Principles & Values, Qualities and Function of effective leadership, Types & Style of Cooperative Leaders, Insurance schemes for fisheries cooperatives, Cooperative Management, Communication Skills etc.

In his valedictory remarks, Dr. V.K. Dubey, Director, NCCE said the knowledge gained by the participants during the course could be utilized in their societies.

Anant Dubey, Assistant Director, NCCE coordinated the program successfully.



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