NCUI: GC moots idea of a Deputy Chief Executive

The apex body of cooperatives in the country NCUI is soon going to have a new Chief Executive and he would be one of the staff members kicked upstairs to hold the position. The Governing Council which met last week decided to have a regular Deputy CE in-house who keeps his finger on the pulse of the organization, said a GC member on condition of anonymity.

It has also been decided that the Deputy Chief Executive will be in the same scale as that of Director of Vamnicom. It is aimed at avoiding future embarrassment as happened recently when the CE In-Charge Satyanarayan had to quit the additional charge on account of belonging to a lower scale, said a source familiar with the development. The Ministry reportedly appointed Central Registrar quoting this very clause, he added.

It is being confirmed by multiple sources that the first Deputy Chief Executive of the apex body is going to be N Sataynarayan. And he will have a long innings as the appointment of a new CE involves a lot of administrative works including finalization of seniority and scale- a job which cannot be done without the active participation of Additional Secretary.

The process may take a year or two, given the slow pace at which files move in the corridors of power, said a source.

Apart from dealing with the issue of having a Deputy CE, the Governing Council okayed implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations for the employees of the apex body. The news was greeted with celebrations at the NCUI headquarters.

On average, each employee could expect 20 percent hike in their salary, said a source. The new scale would be effective from 1st April 2017 thereby avoiding any load of arrears on NCUI.

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  1. a man lost his future because of T.Paranjyothi

    The respected chairman needs a deputy immediately to continuously monitor the day to day affairs. He is a down to earth personality who believes every one. It happened in T.Paranjyothi’s case. To protect the Chairman from scams a deputy is required to scrutinize things around him to protect his name, NCUI and NCCT name.
    Verdict on Lecturer Scam is published in the HC Web site today . It is clearly mentioned in the verdict that T.Paranjyothi Ex Secretary NCCT brought disrepute to Dr.Chandrapal Yadav ji Chairman NCUI , NCCT and Min. of Agriculture. Another unforgivable sin was T.Paranjyothi Ex Secretary NCCT destroyed the lives not only 20 lecturers but 20 families by touching them with his evil tentacles. This tainted fraudster is going to retire with in two months and going to expand his evil designs in ICA that should be prevented at all cost. So he should be arrested and interrogated to identify his agents ( known to all lecturers who lost their job) who mediated with him appointment against payment.


  2. Ajay Jha

    Can you mail the link of the Court judgement?

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