NCUI: GC accords Satyanarayan status of Regular CE

Flower bouquets strewn across his desk but he would not say easily what he is being congratulated on. A low profile and publicity -shy- acting Chief Executive of the apex body NCUI N Satyanarayan was given the scale of a regular Chief Executive by the Governing Council meeting last week.

“The Board has given him the scale as he has been working hard for the past two years”, confirmed NCUI President Dr Chandra Pal Singh Yadav who was at the NCUI headquarters after the Rajya Sabha session when this correspondent caught up with him last Friday.

The issue of confirmation of the acting Chief Executive N Satyanarayan as the regular CE had been hanging in the balance for quite some time with many people including Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh referring Satyanarayan as the CE in several of the co-op functions. But formally, he was yet to be confirmed on the job.

Informed sources say Satyanarayan’s pending elevation was hindering NCUI’s work in many ways as many decisions could be taken only by a regular CE with scale and official position of a Joint Secretary in the govt of India. “With his promotion such procedural issues would vanish”, said Chandra Pal.

The Governing Council almost in unison passed the agenda related to his promotion with some of them even regretting that it was unduly delayed without any credible reason, said a GC member who did not want his name to be revealed.

NCUI officials are said to have felt relieved as the issue of seniority had triggered a clash between Vamnicom Director and NCUI Chief Executive as the former being a Joint Secretary rank official would not give his junior acting CE of NCUI his due. It bears recall that Vamnicom is a body under NCUI and scores of unseemly squabbles had been witnessed in the past with Dr Dinesh and Sanjiv Patjoshi clashing over the issue.

The Governing Council however could not take up the issue of having a Deputy CE for NCUI. Later explaining it in details the NCUI President said that he aims to have a Deputy CE who would be trained by the current CE and could take over at the time of the latter’s retirement.

Meanwhile, with the GC mulling over the possibility of having a Deputy Chief Executive sooner than later, the senior most Executive Director Mohan Mishra will lose his chance of ever becoming the CE of the apex co-operative body in his life-time, said a source clued-in the affairs of the country’s highest cooperative organization.

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