Ministry-NCUI spat tells on morale of employees

That things are not going well for NCUI employees is apparent to even casual visitors to the country’s apex cooperative body. The employees find their future insecure in the face of an intense tussle brewing between the NCUI and the Ministry of Agriculture.

It was first the news of delinking of NCCT from the apex body and then the Ministry’s move to have one of its own signatory on cheques drawn from Cooperative Education Fund. ‘This is getting scary”, said one of them on condition of anonymity.

As if this is not enough, NCUI has also begun the exercise of amending the existing service rules which has triggered anxiety among employees.

Recently, Association of Employees held its Special General Body Meeting and passed two resolutions demanding that the existing service rules of NCUI must be continued and any amendments affecting the future of employees should not be considered.

“Wherever, it is absolutely necessary to review any rules, it must be discussed with the NCUI Employees Welfare Association. For the purpose, there must be a representatives duly nominated by Executive Committee of the Association in the committee constituted for the same”, the text of the resolution read.

Association of employees also deliberated on the relationship going downhill between NCUI and the govt and urged its employer to make all possible efforts to strengthen the relationship with the Ministry so that the existing status of NCUI is maintained.

They, however, reiterated that only NCUI could be the custodian of CEF as it the apex body of the cooperative movement in the country. In order to utilize the financial support, it is necessary that the rules and conditions laid down by the Government of India need to be followed, they argued.

“To solve these issues we also met the Chief Executive last month but our problems have not been solved till date”, they lamented.

On the one hand, there is a financial crunch in NCUI and employees are being denied their genuine share and on the other recruitment processes for 13 posts are in progress. As per an estimate, salaries and allowances for the newly appointed people will cost the apex body an additional burden of Rs 4 lakh per month, they grumbled.

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