CE’s rank roils the apex cooperative body

NCUI has got itself into a fix. It does not know what rank its chief executive is entitled to. Talking to Indian Cooperative NCUI President said a solution would be found taking all the stake-holders on board.

The confusion is multi-layered. First, the Chief Executive of NCUI happens to be the DG of Pune based Vamnicom. While the Director of Vamnicom is usually a senior person in the rank of Joint Secretary the CE of NCUI has traditionally been ranking below.

In the past, this arrangement would function somehow but during Sanjib Patjoshi’s tenure as Director Vamnicom this anomaly came into sharp focus when he made an issue of this. Many a time, Patjoshi would refuse then DG Dr Dinesh his due role in Vamnicom. His arrogance finally cost him his job as his tenure was not extended by NCUI.

Another vexing issue on the CE’s rank is its parity with Central Registrar. The Central Registrar is usually a Joint Secretary rank officer and is of the same rank as that of Vamnicom Director. Now if NCUI CE has to be a rank above Vamnicom Director he has to be Additional Director which in turn means he is also a rank above the Central Registrar!

Piqued by the peculiarity of the situation NCUI President said “it would indeed be a daunting task to work out a way out; let us see how it turns out to be; we are consulting with everybody.”

“The NCUI Governing Council has, meanwhile, decided to have a Deputy Chief Executive as the numbers of senior officers have drastically gone down on account of retirement of many officers”, President added.

Our areas of operation have widened as well as the skill-set required in present times are undergoing phenomenal changes, Yadav underlined. We had Deputy CE in the past too, he informed.

Readers would recall that the Governing Council of NCUI decided to have a regular Deputy CE in-house to monitor day to day activities.

As of now it is being heard on the grapevine that N Sataynarayan is going to continue as the first Deputy Chief Executive of the apex body.  And he will have a long innings as there is a continuous wrangling over the appointment of a new CE.

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