Sunil is a Facebook cooperator: Vinay Shahi

Reacting strongly to the news report “Bihar State Co-op Bank: Chaubey wins 2nd term” Vinay Kumar Shahi, Chairman of the Bihar State Cooperative Union said ‘’ when our candidate was not in the race for the Chairmanship of Bihar State Co-operative Bank’s election where does the question of losing it arise’’.

“It was the game plan of RJD which was executed by its front man Sunil Kumar Singh”, Shahi said naming Biscomaun’s high-flying Chairman. And it was aimed at fleecing money from a vulnerable Ramesh Chaubey’’ he added.

Explaining the plot, Shahi said “actually both the challengers to Chaubey for the top post- Vishnudev Rai and Vinod Rai were hand-picked by RJD and fielded to frighten Chaubey into parting with money easily.

While Vishudev Rai was asked to withdraw by the RJD camp in the beginning, Vinod Rai was asked to stay put till the last minute so that Chaubey parts with more and more cash, charged Shahi. The final decision was taken by Rabari Devi early morning on the Election Day, Shahi said.

Shahi also claimed that the Vishal camp was able to get elected whomever it wanted to. He cited Amrendra Kumar Munna in this connection. “Rajesh Kumar, another of our candidates from Khagaria also won uncontested as the Director”, Shahi underlined.

“To tell you the truth, Sunil challenged Devendra Prasad from Bhagalpur that he would not get even a proposer or seconder but Devendra came to Vijay Singh who offered him support and ensured he won. He said.

“Even Vijay Vatsayan whose victory Sunil’s camp is celebrating is going to be rejected as the co-op society he represents is under a cloud and the matter is in court”, Shahi revealed.

Why should we use money or muscle when we never contested for the top post, Shahi said rejecting the argument offered in these columns earlier by Sunil and the team.

“He may make those in Delhi believe that he is a top cooperator but here in Bihar we know his strength”, Shahi said calling Sunil a Facebook cooperator having little touch with the grassroots realities.

Readers would recall that recently Ramesh Chaubey was declared winner as the Chairman of Bihar State Cooperative Bank and the intense fight for the top post had led to allegations and counter allegations between the two camps. It was billed as a fight between two Co-operative Singhs of the state- Biscomaun Chairman Sunil Singh and Nafed director Vishal Singh.

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