Cyber safety: MP State Coop Union takes the lead

At a time when co-op organizations are falling victim to cybercrime increasingly, Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Union, Bhopal has taken a welcome step to check the menace.

The state co-op union is organizing workshops on the subject across the districts to apprise the cooperators of the potential threat from cybercrime.

In this series the union recently organized workshops on Cyber Security at Ujjain and Dewas offices of Deputy Cooperative Commissioner. Deputy Joint Commissioner B.L.Makwana and Deputy Commissioner O.P. Gupta and others participated in the workshops.

During the workshop organizers informed participants about the types and methods of cybercrime and about the measures that could potentially be taken to safeguard cyber security.

Information was also shared on the provisions of Indian Information Technology Law 2000.

Participants felt that such workshops should be organized on a regular basis as they are informative. A book was also distributed on the occasion that offered details on items related to Cyber Security.

Earlier, in February this year National Centre for Cooperative Education (NCCE) –the educational arm of the apex body NCUI also conducted a Leadership Development Programme for members of urban cooperative credit sector where, among other things, cyber safety was taught. Participants from various states including Delhi, West Bengal, M.P., Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka participated

How to be safe on the internet and Digital Banking are increasingly being a subject of discussion in co-op seminars. Readers would recall that computers of Mercantile Cooperative bank in Thiruvanthapuram had suffered a ransomware attack damaging its computers last year. The cyber-police had concluded that the malware was from overseas. Thankfully, the attack was not so serious, not many important files had been corrupted.

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