Buldana Urban: Gadkari launches Robotic Locker

Union minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the first Robotic Locker launched by the pride of credit cooperatives in the Country, Buldana Urban in Mumbai on Monday. Based on Japanese technology the locker may prove to be a game-changer in banking operations not only in co-op banks but across banks in general including PSUs.

Thanking the union Minister for agreeing to launch the new technology, Buldana Urban MD Dr Sukesh Zamwar said the new technology is being marketed by Godrej and we have launched it on a pilot project basis. As of now, one Robot is taking care of 244 lockers, he added.

Explaining the operation of Robotic Locker, Zamwar stated that a customer is first ushered in a room where the Robot brings him the locker and once the customer is done with his operations, the Robot takes it back and places it on the right location. This Robot is taking care of 244 lockers presently, he underlined.

Buldana Urban has launched this new experiment in Dadar branch and if the experience proves fruitful it would be replicated elsewhere, said the MD.

Later, in Sabhagraha Buldana Urban top brass and the Minister addressed the assembly which comprised of more than 700 members and stake-holders of the credit co-op. While Sukesh and others explained about the new technology, Gadkari talked on how to create an atmosphere of more innovations in the economic activities in the country.

It was here that Gadkari warned that taking action against every defaulting entrepreneur is not good for the economy, it would lead to people shying away from taking business risks, he underlined.

Gadkari also said that there is a need to distinguish between bona fide and mala fide intentions. Action should not be taken against every loan defaulter and the agency first must see the intention of defaulter. He may have genuine problems, he added.

“If we can’t protect and encourage such people, we can’t get people to take initiatives. If entrepreneurship is dead, where would capital investments come from? It will hurt the economy,” media reports quote Gadkari saying.

Earlier, this year Gujarat State Cooperative Bank had launched fully Automated Safety Deposit Boxes in its branches at Naranpura, Ahmadabad, a technology very close to what Buldana Urban has achieved now.



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