NCCF: Chandra Pal appeals to govt to withdraw Administrator

NCUI President Chandra Pal Singh Yadav has appealed to the government to withdraw the Administrator and continue with the newly elected Board of the apex national consumer body NCCF. Readers would recall that an Administrator was imposed on the NCCF in the wake of the complaint from the government nominee Vijay Kumar.

This is plainly wrong and has been done by showing thumbs to the law of the land, Chandra Pal said talking to Indian Cooperative. This is not the first time that NCCF has been subjected to arm- twisting by the government he added.

“I appeal to the government to restore the status quo and allow the Board to function without fear or favour. The nccf Nominationrecently elected board did not meet even once and now this decision to put the Board in abeyance” NCUI President wondered.

Readers would recall that the Consumer Ministry has made M K Parida as the Administrator and an inquiry into the complaints from Vijay Kumar has been set up with the deadline of 3 months for submitting the report.

The govt order issued earlier read “That Shri Virendra Singh against whom CBI proceedings are going on for serious charges of financial irregularities and mismanagement during his previous tenure as chairman, NCCF which has been one of the reasons for supersession of the previous board of Director of NCCF, has been elected vice chairman of NCCF in election held on 06.02.2015 and Shri Bijendra Singh against whom CBI inquiry is going on charges of defalcation during his incumbency as director on the Board of NAFED, a Multi-state co-operative Federation, has been elected Chairman of NCCF.

Chandra Pal felt that such decisions are not in keeping with the mood of cooperatives which find themselves empowered by the passage of the 97th CAA. “This is sad that an elected Board is put into abeyance thereby nullifying the historic 97th Constitutional Amendment”, he added.

“We would be compelled to go to court if the government does not listen to us; tell us what options have we got in the face of such high-handedness”, despairingly said the President of the apex cooperative body NCUI.

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