Query of Rupesh Kumar

We are in a process of creating multipurpose cooperative society which wants to work in agriculture and small scale industries related with agro products and others.

But, we are facing a great challenges by the current process and official hassle.

We need help to register this society either at National level or minimum state level.

I saw your email address on one website and seeking for help in order to know the right process of registering multipurpose cooperative society.

Also, I need to know how much it takes to get the registration and what is the expense.

I am humbly request you to help us for the welfare of poor and unemployed people in our area. I am the resident of Haridwar district of Uttarakhand state.

I C Naik

You prepare a brief project Idea in 300-500 words about what you want to do in terms financials and people’s participation including activity list and send to us for further guidance.

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