Query of Uttam Kumar

This is Uttamkumar from Takka Panvel , dist. Raigad. Maharashtra. I have read your article that you had resolved the CHS upper floor leakage in Chembur.

Our problem is the same that upper floor bath room water leakage into our master bed room. We have shown to society chairman and to all other members including to the upper flat owner. Actually we were not using our flat after taking possession from the builder. After 4 years of the possession when on 12 sept 2016 we had started cleaning the flat we found leakage. Immediately we had called to society chairman and secretary to show the leakage. The leakages was captured and circulated within the society members.

The flat owner had assured us in the society organised special meeting to repair as soon as possible . We were told several dates, several assurances, even the owner is changing his words every now and then but not doing anything at actual. When he was ready his tenant was not ready and when tenant was ready he was not ready. We have offered our full cooperation to carry out the repair work including suply of material and necessary items required for the work as gentleman deal as we have to stay in this society.

We have kept updated to society management for their knowledge and good support.
We could not find any solution, then on 17 October 2016 we had given writing to chairman asking whether society can resolve this issue or not. Till date we have not received any reply from society. We were fully depending on society decision and good respond. Alas , we are lost.
After reading you article we have thought to write the story to you if you kindly give some guide line to resolve this issue. We prefer all possible mutual understanding resolution before we proceed for the society bye laws regulations.

Kindly reply if you are really kind enough to us.

I C Naik

Attending to water leakage is the responsibility of the Committee of the Housing Society. In your case the Society is guilty of deficiency in service to member. You can get a relief from the District Consumer Court. So file a Complaint. You can present and argue or your case. You do not have to take lawyer’s help.Address:


District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum

The Collectorate Office Building, 2nd floor,

Thane (West)

Telephone No.  022- 25344069, 25345042

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