Query of Tushar Deherkar

I found your website to be very informative and appreciate that such sources are available for the general public when having queries related to Co-op societies!!!

Hope you can spare a minute to look at my unique query.

I am the Treasurer in my society, and one member came to me complaining that the society bill was NOT accepted as address proof because the “bill was not stamped”. (scanned copy attached for your kind reference).

As you can see, the bill cum receipt is on one paper and hence the society stamp appears only once with my initials…

The complaining member wants another round stamp in the “bill area” above the receipt section.

In these days, I believe there are computer generated bills which even mention “Computer generated hence not requiring signature”.

Considering the above…

Is the request justified?

Is the bill not a valid document?
Are there any bye-laws which define how the bill should be prepared, which I can refer to?

I C Naik

What we call an Invoice is a demand Notice to Members as per bye-laws:

The Secretary of the society, shall prepare demand notice in respect of the charges of the society payable by members on the basis of the bye-laws-law No. 71(a) and issue the same to all the members on or before the date fixed by the Committee in that behalf. “

This is a function with a purpose prescribed in the bye-laws. The Seal of the Society is an authentication of a demand notice, and if it is not accepted as an address proof, there is little the Society can do. It is not the purpose to issue an invoice which can be used as a proof of address.

As such you have no responsibility to place another seal. What you are doing is what is prescribed as your duty under bye-laws.

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