Query of Jayesh Shah

I have written letter to Central Registrar regarding credit society of Rajasthan

Copy is enclosed.

Now, Please advise me what i need to do to recovered my money from society.

If you provide professional services then i am ready to take same.


Advise me i will do need full.

I C Naik

Co-operative Society is held to be a Service Provider to its Depositors. The correct forum to agitate is the Consumer Court for deficiency in Service under Consumer Protection Act 1986. Protection is a wide connotation and it is held by the S C that it empowers the Court to award compensation also to the receiver of deficient Service. Each Depositor should petition separately as District Court has power to adjudge claim up to Rs 10 lacs only.

Registrar can take up irregularities n management if you provide reliable documentary proof of irregularities.

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