Query of Harish Chand Ramola

I live in Delhi and there is more than 200 people with me, each can join with initial amount of Rs. 5000/-, I want to open a Co-operative bank in my city. Please guide me.

I C Naik

Please prepare your plan for net 5 years in writing and meet the registrar of Cooperative Societies and satisfy him that your plan is workable/feasibility. If he UBS (which are subject to heavy censors by RBI of late) better create a Cooperative Credit Society for mutual benefit of members.

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  1. Bipin B Singh

    My Name Is Bipin Singh
    my plan is register credit society in minimum two state( MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA AND MUMBAI).Please advise registration process and rules.


    Please pen down in 200-300 words why do you want to register credit society in two states. Your write up will help frame an answer.

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