Query from Uttam

Very good morning, I am Uttamkumar from Panvel , Raigarh, Maharashtra. I am follower of you and prefer to read all of your kind advise. I am very delighted, encouraged and inspired whenever I see your so kind advise with guidelines in this website.

Almost a year and half ago you had advised me that how to resolve the upper floor bathroom leakage into my master bedroom and how to handle with arrogant upper floor flat owner and with society members.

The leakage was repaired by the owner after heavy tussles assuring the permanent solution.

But after one year and three months the leakage is found at the same location / spot for which my property is being damaged, bad odor and foul smelling and wardrobe rear side is damaged. We cannot use the bed room at present. The space is also cannot be utilised for which our daily life is disturbed very badly. Mentally also not satisfied the way I receive reply from the arrogant owner. The leakage problem is shown to chairman and the senior person of the society.

No action is taken so far neither any assurance is given that when the repairing work will be carried out. We are retired person and also heart patient. Due to foul smelling the living standards are deteriorated in our daily life.

Kindly advise me how to proceed to resolve the leakage problem amicably as we cannot move to consumers grievance and redressal court at this age as the judicial procedure is too lengthy and very stressful.

I appreciate and accept your every advice with due diligent in our mind. We wish to have your good health always and pray God for your long life from our heart and soul.

I C Naik

No it is the fastest of all. Arrogance can be tackled by this proven process. I have analyzed a few cases. try to go through them. Even damages for mental agony are awarded by cc. No need to hire a lawyer. Send me faxi will draft and you can courier it or deposit through some body.