Query from Rajeev Warrier

In my society the previous committee was disqualified and administrator is appointed. The previous committee had not done the audit of accounts before Administrator took charge of the society.

Now the Administrator is calling for elections and when asked for Audit of accounts to be done before elections he said it is not necessary to do the audit. Elections process can go ahead.

Please advice if there are any sections in MCS Act or rules , Election rules that say that Audit of accounts of society necessary before calling elections. Pls revert and help.

I C Naik

The Administrator has only six months’ tenure to complete the election process. Election and Audit are two independent responsibilities and Admn officer has a priority to constitute a new Committee. So wait for new Committee to take charge and get accounts audited. The old Committee Chairman and Secretary can be disqulified for two tenures for notholding AGM and getting accounts audited.

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