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It’s so good to come across a person like you over the internet who is addressing some valuable queries & questions of people in miseries from across the country. We are truly in an information sharing age & i am completely inspired by you to contribute towards sharing my knowledge with others.

Coming to my query background – I read your reply regarding subletting and understood that it is no longer necessary to seek permission from society before you sublet if you ensure 8 days intimation is given & agreement copy with police verification is submitted.

My Query – I wish to sub-let my flat for short-rentals via airbnb.co.in – in this model, rentals are given for 2/3/5 nights to people travelling from different cities or countries and often intimation of 8 days in advance may not be practical, also police verification every time & agreement every time is a cumbersome task. Can you provide me with a solution?

I C Naik

In the age of terrorism, crimes, religious hatred, Indian Character is nearly at the lowest level.  Co-operative housing society is meant for a peaceful community living from generation to generation. Bye-law No. 43(B) in Model bye-laws 2014: “No permission of the society is required to sub-let the flat / shops, however the intimation needs to be given to the society 8 days before such sub-letting “ This has been assailed by me in my post


Housing societies intended to be member driven with democratic functioning have been handed over to mafia builders which in turn a source of ill-gotten income to Authorities- bureaucrats and politicians alike. Thanks to individual members who have no time/interest to understand cooperative society principles.

The Management Committee is responsible to maintain a harmony among residents as a big family. How can it be by passed in the matter of who shares common facilities and services being the responsibility of the Management Committee? This is a stupid change in bye-laws and therefore most housing societies do not adopt 2014 Model. Tenants can be allowed from 1 day to 11 months under one agreement but procedures applicable to 11 months’ tenant is applicable to one night tenant.

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