Query of Dilip Patil

State ;- Maharashtra
Society Registration :- Kalyan

As per bylaw no.118 for A person shall cease to be the Member of the Committee,

(ii) he defaults the payment of dues to the society, within three months from the date of service of notice in writing, served either by hand delivery or by registered post, demanding the payment of dues.

In Our Society Election is held in the month April-17 and new committee is formed. On receipt of Annual books of accounts we come to know whole committee is in default in payment of society maintenance at the time of election.
My query is

1. Even though election completed   in the presences  Registrar person is all elected committee is valid / legal or not ? 2. What action we can take as member against the same.
3. Who will issue notice if committee member is in default as per bylaw 118 (II)

I C Naik

I need to know relevant bye-laws of registered bye-laws of your society. So please let me know the registration number and date of the society’s registration. Also if bye-laws registered with registration of the society have been substituted the date of General Body Meeting adopting the latest model bye-laws and the date on which the Dy. Registrar has issued certificate of registration of new Model.

Please let us know the number of members of the society and the date on which the earlier Committee (just prior to the one elected in April 2017) was elected.

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