Query of Bhuvana Maanickam

We have applied one of post at ‘Happy future multipurpose co-operative society Ltd’. There are various posts available in several branches throughout the state. They said us to deposit some money and they will give three month training. Then they will allot job in whichever branch available near to our location. According to our knowledge, they have not yet develop branches in specific location. They are still finding places to develop bank branch. We are not confident about this co society as it is new one and lack of information. Kindly let me know and make us sure this co-operative society is trustworthy. I have mentioned the details about co-society.

Bank name: The happy future multipurpose co-operative society Ltd.

State: Tamilnadu

Registration number: MSCS/CR/869/2013 (under CRCS Govt .of.India)

I C Naik

Bhuvana from Tamil Nadu wants to know wants to know and ensure that the aforesaid  co-operative society is trustworthy.

Let me clarify that the scope of our support to cooperators in difficulty is to help them get out of legal tangle which can be solved by applying provisions of Cooperative Law. Our scope of advise definitely not cover expressing opinion about “trustworthiness” of any institution. What you can do is ask for factual information about this Society by filing RTI Application to

Public Information Officer c/o  the office of the Central Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi.

As per Supreme Court Judgment this is a Public Authority as per RTI Act Definition and this office is bound to furnish factual information this office has received from the society. NOT MORE than what is received under any Law.

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