Anguished son of an employee of UCB in Pallikonda

By Srinivasan, son of Mahalingam

I am writing this Email on behalf of my father S.Mahalingam working in a Co-operative Urban bank at Pallikonda, Vellore District.

He is working for the bank since 1988 and is handling all the activities of the bank but he doesn’t have a qualification or guts to handle that kind of job, and the superiors and subordinates working at that bank is cornering my father by giving him lot of works and trouble.

Even though he was not paid the salary for handling those works, he is still doing it but few months before they made a problem for my father by giving a memo like he is responsible for the uncollected loan amount which has to be paid to the RBI.

The amount was not paid on time so they decided to deduct that amount every month from his salary.

After getting into this situation my whole family is mentally sick and everyone was shaken up.

I am asking my father to quit the job because his health is getting spoiled and he is losing money without even knowing what for.

I am requesting you to kindly advise and help us to how to overcome this situation. Kindly let me know if you have any questions or clarifications, thank you in advance and hoping that you will help us.

I C Naik

Your father has done work for which others were responsible. He should talk about this memo to these people and then all of them should collectively meet the authority who gave the memo and demand an explanation as to what rule authorised him to issue this memo.

This group should pressurize him with the threat to meet the chairman and complaint about this Memo unless it is withdrawn there and then and group should not leave him alone till the Memo is withdrawn. Try this. Your father must try to capitalize on good work done so far.

Make sure that the Group does not misbehave. Each person should be as polite and humble as your father has been all these years. Best of Luck.

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