Thank God! NCCT updates its site

The premier co-operative training institute in the country National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT) has updated its site in flat 12 hours after the appearance of the news item in these columns which highlighted its lethargy approach.

The news item described how the names of NCCT Committee constituted in the year 2014 and having names like Jaya Arunachalam and others are still carried on the NCCT website. The occasion was the first meeting of newly constituted NCCT committee on Tuesday.

The news item read “Funnily, NCCT website still carries the list of Committee members who were there in the year 2014 without any mention of new members reconstituted last year. In an era of increasing online presence by various agencies, the lackadaisical approach of NCCT runs counter to its tall claim.”

While Chandra Pal Singh Yadav is its Chairman the new Committee has names like Dr K.K.Tripathy, Pramod Samar, Nalin Upadhyay, Lakhan Lal Sahoo, Dan Singh Rawat, Dileep Sanghani, D.V. Deshpande, Satish Marathe, Subhash Chandra Mandge, K.C. Gupta, Kumar Sanjay Krishna, N.B.Shaikh and K. Karunakaran Nambiar.

NDA dispensation has done away with most of the old members and has filled the positions with the BJP and Sahakar Bharati officials.

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