Potato producers’ theatrics in UP

Despite Centre deciding to procure potato from the farmers or co-operative societies in Uttar Pradesh directly to eliminate the possibility of middlemen taking advantage of the scheme, UP farmers are not a happy lot at the rate being given to them.

UP Potato farmers fuming with anger at being meted out a raw deal dumped tonnes of their produce on roads leading to VIPs houses in Lucknow, media reports say. The state government has put MSP at Rs 487 a quintal of potatoes but producers demand Rs 1,000 a quintal.

Centre had earlier planned that a maximum quantity of 1,00,000 metric tonne (MT) of potato may be procured under the scheme by the State Agency. The purchase will be made at Rs. 4,870/- per MT.

The Ministry will provide an additional Rs. 1217.50/- per MT or actual whichever is less for overhead expenses, such as transportation charges, mandi tax, and godown charges.

But obviously the farmers are not impressed. Police say vehicles involved in throwing potatoes have been identified and action would be taken.

The buzz is that the BJP govt. in the state would soon take necessary steps to solve the problem.

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