Maha dairy players wish to check Amul and Nandini

Both private and cooperative dairies in Maharashtra want outside dairies like Karnataka’s Nandini and Gujarat’s Amul to slim down their operations as their bloated presence has upended Maharashtra’s local dairies’ business calculations, reports Indian Express.

 Vinyakrao Patil, president of the association of milk producers and processors, said Amul and Nandini together sell around 30 lakh litres of milk per day in Maharashtra. Amul alone sells around 21 lakh litres of milk per day while it procures around 15 lakh litres every day.

Similarly, Nandini sells around 1 lakh litres of pouch milk and if its sale of byproducts is considered, the figure touches around 3 lakh litres per day.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra’s dairies are toying with idea of reducing the selling price of liquid milk to boost the procurement price for the farmers. Incidentally, dairies in Maharashtra are not paying farmers the government declared rate of Rs. 27 per litre.

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