Kerala govt to take over co-op medical college

The Hindu reports the Kerala government will take over the Pariyaram Medical College Society and the Kerala Cooperative Hospital Complex. The government will promulgate an ordinance for the takeover of the institution.

Earlier, the Pariyaram Medical College Society had urged the government to take over the institution citing its inability to manage its affairs.

The government has repaid the loan taken by the society for the medical college and hospital. The medical college has 1,938 employees and 2,500 students.

The medical college is the first of its kind in the country functioning in the cooperative sector. It boasts 1000 beds as well as all possible latest medical facilities.


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  1. Nonnewtonianfluidpool

    TS junior inter supplementary results were declared yesterday but there was no change in the marks even after writing improvements. The same marks are reflected in the mark sheet. Looks like the TS government is just playing with the emotion of the kids and parents. My daughter had expected a improvement in the marks but there was no change in the marks even after writing all the subjects. This is really ridiculous. TS government demoralises a child and plays with their emotions and hardwork. Paid money for revaluation for some subjects but till date there is no response from the TS govt. Now the improvement results have also come and there is no change in marks. It looks like the improvement papers were not corrected at all. They have just put the same marks again or got it corrected by some junior school teachers who don”t even know the abc of that subject. AP govt is far much more better than the TS govt.

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