IFFCO supports youth-exchange prog with Korea

IFFCO’s Auditorium at Saket in Delhi reverberated with sounds of South Korean students greeting the audience with “Namaste”(hello). The occasion was a Cultural Exchange Programme of University Students of South Korea which was organised by IFFCO in collaboration with NH Foundation- a subsidiary of NACF, South Korea in India.

About 21 students studying agriculture in Korean Universities came to India on 1st of August and stayed for three days in the Dhaula-a planned smart village in Haryana about which these columns had carried reports in the past— Prez Initiative: IFFCO to develop “Smart Grams” (http://www.indiancooperative.com/iffco/prez-initiative-iffco-to-develop-smart-grams/).

On Tuesday it was the concluding session of their 7 day stay in India which included a trip to Taj Mahal and local sight-seeing of Delhi. In Dhaula, they interacted with local students and despite the barrier of language had a useful dialogue with their Indian opposite numbers. Overwhelmed by Indian hospitality one of the Korean participants said love knows no language.

On the concluding say, several notable people from the cooperative world including ICA A-P Regional Director Balu AIyer, IFFCO officials-R P Singh and Aditya Yadav and DGM Tarun Bhargava and the Korean nationals James and Jung Tae Kim were present along with the students.

The narration of experiences by the Korean boys and girls were heard with rapt attention as they came straight from their hearts. While R P Singh said it feels wonderful to receive young people from abroad, Balu Aiyer asked them in a lighter vein to weigh themselves before leaving as Indian has its dubious distinction of force-feeding guests.

The programme was organised at the Initiative of Aditya Yadav, Director on the IFFCO Board and Director on the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Global Board. Aditya spoke at length in the concluding session and said IFFCO does not focus on manufacturing fertilizer only. “We have 18 subsidiaries to help the farmers”, he underlined.

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