Govt vows to improve co-ops in Maharashtra

Maharashtra government has formed two committees to study the working of prominent cooperative institutions and suggest measures to improve them, reports Livemint.

The committees will focus on studying the working of cooperatives in agriculture, agriculture marketing, and district cooperative banks. Both committees will submit their reports soon.

“The government has noticed that some cooperative institutions have violated the provisions under Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act and its by-laws as well as the policy guidelines issued by the government.

As a result, a large number of cooperatives are in deep financial problems which are affecting their day-to-day functioning,” the government resolution says.

There is general view that the cooperative sector in Maharashtra is under the control of corrupt politicians. RBI and Nabard have often drawn attention to this problem.

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  1. s s nair

    Improvement of co-operatives

    1)Defaulters are allowed to contest managing committee elections;

    2)A member wants a Sr Citizen to show his leave and license documents.

    3)A member having residential unit converted into commercial unit. The MCGM levies property tax on commercial unit on the society. The member refuses to pay. Claim lodged with Registrar u/s 101 but he is allowed to Contest election..

    4)A member allowed to question the name of another member. Given hearing.

    5)Defaulter files complaints with Dy Registrar without paying defaulted dues to society

    6)When nomination rejected member files election petition. No relief after 5 years. The member pays outstanding dues to contest next election.

    These are the improvements.

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