Cosmos Bank hacking not perpetrated by major group?

A website named Bank Info Security has said that- So far, police have not found evidence that a major organized hacking group was responsible for the Cosmos Bank heist.

The website quotes Brijesh Singh, inspector general of police (state cyber police), Maharashtra Police, who is heading the special investigation team to buttress its claim.

Law enforcement officials say the incident points to the need for banks to better safeguard their infrastructures. Immediately following the incident, some observers speculated a major hacking group, such as Cobalt or Lazarus, may have been involved in the heist, based on the sophisticated techniques used. But so far, police have not found evidence tying the hack to any major group, Singh says.

Singh tells Information Security Media Group that the attackers used anti-forensic tools.

“What’s worrisome is they have wiped out all tracks, leaving no evidence; it’s well-planned,” Singh says. “Law enforcement agencies haven’t established association of big groups like Lazarus or Cobalt.”