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Indian cooperative movement has over the years achieved a great deal. Yet there is a long journey to be accomplished. The cooperative movement is supposed to be a citizen centered initiative but what one sees are organizations popped up by a governmental support.

Ordinary members are in the dark about how decisions are made at the top level. A few people come together and form a group exercising absolute power. It defeats the very purpose of the cooperative efforts.

This news portal is coming into existence today to inform the ordinary members about the workings of organizations that claim to seek strength form them to run the cooperative movement. The portal is committed to support all those well-meaning individuals who are at work making the cooperative movement a success in India.

Initially, we are coming with a news portal on the cooperative movement which will not only act as a source of data but also as a medium where one gets daily updates on what is happening in the world of cooperatives.

In a short span of time, Indiancooperative.com has grown from strength to strength. Towards the end of 2009 when we started there were only 30 thousand readers per month. Today in 2012 , it notches up more than 30 lakh (3 millions) visitors per month.

Obviously, there was no common platform available where people could express their opinions.