Farmer’s suicide: Pramod hits streets

The recent farmers’ agitation in MP has had the domino effect in that about a dozen states across the country are affected by it. The latest in the concatenation of events is the farmers’ protest in Uttarakhand. Congress strongman from Uttarakhand and a member of the NCUI board and IFFCO Board Pramod Kumar Singh led […]

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Farmer’s suicide in Uttrakhand

Hardly a day goes by when farmers are not committing suicides. Now a farmer from US Nafar district of Uttarakhand reeling under serious debt obligations has taken his life, reports Hindustan Times. This is the second incident of a farmer taking the extreme step in the state within ten days. A farmer in Pithorgarh had committed […]

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Demonetization hits co-op banks in Uttrakhand too

In the wake of demonetization the cooperative banking sector is facing problems in recovery of loans and deposits from its shareholders and Uttrakhand is no exception. After the announcement, Dr K S Rana Chairman of Dehradun District Cooperative Bank had an emergency meeting with chairmen of all 10 DCCBs of the Uttrakhand region in Dehradun. […]

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Co-op in Campus: NCCE fields battery of experts

In an ambitious workshop NCUI organized a Refresher Course on Cooperative Policy and Development for faculty of Indian Universities and Colleges recently with participants from various Universities exchanging their views and some presenting their papers through power point presentation. More than 43 participants from Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, […]

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Suicide attempt before co-op minister

The Tribune reports a farmer of a village in Pithoragrah in Uttarakhand attempted to kill himself in the presence of the state Cooperative Minister. The farmer had been demanding pastureland for his village. The minister was to inaugurate a three-day cooperative fair. The farmer wanted to draw the attention of the state government towards the […]

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97th amendment & appeal in SC

Pramod Sharma I am from Uttarakhand. Kindly intimate the position of Appeal by you in the Hon Supreme Court. It is an urgent matter affecting every Society.   I C Naik This has not been taken up by the Supreme Court. Share This:

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