Minister “reveals” Mishra’s role in weakening NCUI

In a rather embarrassing manner Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh revealed the role of NCCT Secretary Mohan Mishra in helping the Ministry in divesting NCUI President Chandra Pal Singh of his pre-eminent roles in several committees including that of Education Fund, Vamnicom or NCCT, according to not one but a host of sources who confided to Indian Cooperative on the development.

NCUI President had gone to meet the minister to discuss his dwindling powers in several of the crucial committees. Several senior Ministry officials including Union State Minister Parshottam Rupala were present when Radha Mohan revealed this truth. Incidentally, NCCT Secretary Mohan Mishra was also there when the Minister exploded the bombshell saying” Thanks to Mishraji, we could clip the power of the NCUI President; he has been assisting the ministry in this”, Mishra was at a loss of words.

If the statement petrified Mishra, it stunned Chandra Pal no less. Even Rupala is said to have felt uncomfortable and squirmed at the revelation, sources add.

According to sources, Mishra had taken pains to be present when NCUI President met the Minister, hoping to use the occasion to seek his extension. He expected that the Minister would put in a word for his extension to Chandra Pal and would “reward” him for all the good work he has put in eavesdropping and sleuthing, quipped those in know of things.

Mishra who has been accused for his efforts of weakening the apex body of cooperatives was the subject in the last Governing Council meeting of NCUI. Leaders after leaders spoke against his continuation on the job, reliable source had confided to Indian Cooperative.

It bears recall that NCCT Secretary Mishra is currently on deputation from NCUI and renewal of his contract is due next month. If he is not given extension, he would have to go back to his parent organization NCUI only to languish in insignificance.

GC members had expressed concern over Mohan Mishra’s backroom manipulations to make NCCT a separate entity free of NCUI control. His earlier efforts to convince the Ministry and its officials of making NCCT a separate entity were also on the table in the meeting, as reported earlier in the story titled “NCUI: GC seals fate of Mishra as Secretary” (

People connected with NCUI wonder what would be the next course of action on the part of the NCUI President who has been entrusted by the GC to take a final call on the issue of Mishra’s extension.

A tight-lipped President is keeping the cards close to his chest so far but public opinion against Mishra is building up, especially after his unsavoury act of ditching the very organization for which he works became public, said several staff-members of NCUI. The news of Minister’s “revelation” has spread in the corridors of NCUI like wild fire, Indian Cooperative has learnt.

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Comments ( 8 )

  1. NCCT well wishers

    Mishra is original fraud. Ultimately he gone to the ministry for begging his extension. He buttering the President and the President also helping him. Each and every year he is playing the game and show the ministry ( his fake performance and effort) to manipulate all falls information about him and the NCCT. For the last five years he has nothing done in the NCCT. He will think always how to replace the DG and how to replace the President and how to bring people in his favour For extension of another two years or one year what will be going to do. Nothing. Suppose he will continue or get extension Nothing will do and he will enjoying in the NCCT . He will spoil NCCT and its credibility and he will spoil the Employees welfare measure . He will not give 7th pay, promotion, and other incentives.

  2. William

    Lecturers scam was cause by ncui and appointment was cut off by ministry after getting detail report from mishra. That is the reason why they don’t like mishra.a

  3. NCCT well wishers

    The President and the Governing Council Members should not allow Mohan Mishra extension further in the NCCT. It is enough to spoiled the NCCT and NCUI. If the President allow him again he will spoil the NCUI and NCCT. There are so many qualified and talented persons are there in outside. The President NCUI should not allow a single day after his tenure is over.

  4. NCCT well wishers

    Mishra acting against the employees of NCCT. So All employees should send mail to Ministry against the Mishra’s fraud and fake promise and also his MLM Business . As a Government employee should not do any business as per DOPT rules. But he is doing business against the rule. And also he associated with some of the directorsof ICM and collecting money from the Directors and the students for his business. The President and the Ministry should take disciplinary action against Mishra enquiry should conduct against him.

  5. Subhash

    I do no agree with the above comments about Mohan Mishra. In fact Mishra has brought NCCT back on track.He along with his team has been putting all efforts in making NCCT and its Training Wings world class institutions. May God Bless Him & His Team!

  6. Observer

    NCCT is the centre of corruption and fraud all beurocrates are busy in corruption and looking for opportunities of making money, no work no importance no vision no mission misusing the funds of public and government this is only the centre of enjoyment, making money and politics..

  7. Neeraj

    I do not agree about the comment of Mr.Subash. Because Mohan Mishra’s original face you do not know. He is not working for the NCCT. He is working for his extension. What he has made world class institutions. He has put the NCCT under ministry people. He spoiled the NCCT for the last five years. Do you know the world class institution how it is? His tactics like fox.

  8. Sagar

    Misra is a real life villian for employees of NCCT and vamnicom. He is nothing doing with the welfare of the employees.Because of him contractual employees who is in the service of vamnicom last ten years regularly came to the starvation stage.. He spoiling the life of honest and dedicated employees. He is harrashing us.We are the poor employees we are not in a position to fulfil his expectations. He always playing big games and earn money. We appeal to the higher authorities of Ministry to take serious action against him and remove out from NCCT

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