Vamnicom Director to take over in 10-15 days: Minister

While talking about the status of infrastructure among agricultural and cooperative institutes Union Minister touched upon the issue of appointment of the new Director of Vamnicom and said in another 10-15 days a new man will take over.

The selection is through competition and thus it may materialize in another 10-15 days, were his words. Minister was lamenting the sorry state of affairs at Vamnicom and said despite having one of the biggest set-ups much has not been achieved by the premier institute.

He was speaking on the occasion of National Workshop organized jointly by NCUI and NCDC in Delhi on the theme of strengthening women cooperatives in the country.

”Though generally the infrastructure of agricultural education centres are poor you would not believe how huge is the campus of Vamnicom”, emphasized Singh. For the past 1-2 years it is doing better but with the appointment of a regular director hopefully things would look up, he stated.

Readers would know that Vamnicom is presently overseen by an over-burdened Joint Secretary.

Earlier, NCUI Chief Executive N Satyanarayan was looking after the affairs of Vamnicom as additional charge but the Ministry asked him to step down which led the NCUI President to dash off a letter to the Ministry.

Explaining its position the Ministry wrote back a letter as to why it cannot allow the CE in-charge of NCUI in the additional capacity of Director Vamnicom.

The post of Director of Vamnicom is of the Joint Secretary rank and as in-charge N Satayanarayan is not in the same rank. The reply was written by Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh himself to NCUI President Chandra Pal Singh Yadav, sources say.

Knowledgeable sources blame the indecision on the NCUI leadership in finalizing a suitable candidate as a full-fledged Chief Executive of the apex cooperative body which has led to the current situation. As a regular CE Satyanarayan or for that matter anybody could have taken up the additional charge till the process of the appointment of regular Director of Vamnicom was completed.

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