Vamnicom: Bhutani takes charge once again

It is official now; NCUI has no role in the affairs of VAMNICOM as the Central Registrar has taken over as its Director even though the process of appointing a Director is in an advanced stage, informed Ministry sources.

One of the employees of Vamnicom sent a short mail on 6th of January” Dr Ashish Bhutani JS has taken over charge as Director, VAMNICOM, Pune today; some files from VAMNICOM were sent by mail and he approved them as Director, I/C.”

Meanwhile, NCUI President is trying to meet Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh on the issue. NCUI sources say it is complete subversion of the rule of law by the Ministry.

This is for the first time that the Ministry has directly appointed a head of the prestigious co-operative institution without keeping the apex body in the loop.

NCUI has reportedly shot a letter expressing its reservations on the issue.

The order of Ministry has in a way made the Vamnicom Board defunct which has about 10 members including NCUI President, Chief Executive, Director Vamnicom and others, said a cooperator in the know of things.

Our objection is simple” we are ready to execute the wishes of the Ministry but an order of appointment should have gone from here not from the Ministry”, said a senior cooperator on condition of anonymity.

”We would have issued a letter in accordance with the Ministry’s wish but what the Ministry has done is a bad precedent. It never happened in the last 20 years, he recalled.

It is both illogical and illegal. The MSCA-2002 clearly stipulates that the Board is supreme. It is true that the govt makes available most of funds to Vamnicom and it should have somebody of its choice to head the Institution but the choice has to be ratified by the Board” he said.

“But when the govt itself would not respect its laws namely MSCS-2002 in this case how can it expect others to do so”, he wondered.

Meanwhile, Vamnicom is preparing to celebrate its Foundation Day on 15th January. Radha Mohan, Nabard Chief and many notable persons are expected to participate.

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