Panagariya resigned just when Chandra Pal was to meet him!

Call it a coincidence or an abrupt turn of events but just before cooperative leaders led by NCUI President Dr Chandra Pal Singh Yadav were to meet Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog Arvind Panagariya, the latter had resigned from his post expressing his wish to go back to the university campus.

A stunned Chandra Pal who was already in a car and moving towards the headquarters of NITI Aayog did not know what to do. But after the initial shock settled, the President of the apex body thought it would not be wise to meet him now. The team sent its apologies and returned.

The cooperative team comprised of NCUI President, Chief Executive, ICA A-P Regional Director, among others. They had sought appointment to apprise Panigariya of the activities undertaken by cooperatives in the country. Leaders had aimed to convince Panigariya of taking co-ops on board as a part of the nation’s growth story. Panigariya until his resignation was at work painting a bigger picture of the country’s growth.

It was not so that the appointment given to cooperators was cancelled by NITI Aayog. They were waiting in the antechamber as per protocol. But Chandra Pal did not think it proper to meet him in the given situation.

Later talking to media Panagariya said he wishes to be relieved of his duties by August 31 as he was not getting extension of leave from Columbia University.

Panagariya – economist and professor of Indian Political Economy at Columbia University had joined as the first vice-chairman of the Niti Aayog, which had replaced the Planning Commission, in January 2015.

About two months ago he had expressed his desire to the Prime Minister, who is the chairperson of Niti Aayog, to be relieved by August 31, reports PTI.

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