NCUI: NCCE trains UCBs on digital banking

NCCE- the training arm of the apex co-op body NCUI trained cooperators and officials of the Urban Cooperative Banks and Credit Sector last week at its headquarters in Delhi. The focus of the training was development of their managerial skills with special emphasis on cashless & digital banking.

More than forty participants from five states like UP, New Delhi, Tamilnadu, MP and Maharashtra were benefited with this programme. The prime objective of the programme was to develop Leadership as well as managerial qualities among the participants so that they can provide good governance and professional management to their Cooperative Banks / T/C Societies, said a press release sent by NCCE.

The participants were also provided a platform to interact among themselves and discuss the challenges and issues and their solutions for proper functioning of cooperatives.

Alka Srivastav, Chairperson, Laxmi Urban Mahila Cooperative Bank, Gwalior, MP inaugurated the Programme. Speaking on the occasion she said Education & Training is continuous process and is a must for the Cooperative Banking sector as it plays an important role in providing loans to the small businessmen and the weaker sections to commence their enterprise.

N.Satyanarayana, CE, NCUI also graced the occasion. Yogesh Sharma, Director, NAFCUB was also present.

Various topics discussed by experts included Digital Banking : Role of National Payment Corporation of India, Cashless Transaction – Role of Technology e-banking, ECS, NEFT, RTGS, ATMS, KYC & Anti Money Laundering, Online Documentation verifications and Marketing of Bank Services/ Customer Relationship Management.

Issues like Organisational Behaviour and Conflict Management in Urban Cooperative Banks, Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security – Prevention and detection of Frauds in Computerized Environment, Digital Banking : Five ‘As’ of Cashless world: Accessibility, Availability, Affordability, Acceptability and Availability, Reporting of Transactions of Cash and High Values – Various Issues – FIU-IND, Credit appraisal and credit monitoring for cooperative banks, Role of Media to Discriminate the Activities of UCBs in Public.etc were also part of the discussion.

G.H. Amin, Vice President, NCUI was the Chief Guest in the Valedictory Function. He said in his speech that UCB’s have to adopt cashless transaction and digital Banking. Training can play an important role in this regard.

V.K. Dubey, Director, NCCE was the main person responsible for the programme. Rajeev Sharma, Deputy Director, NCCE coordinated it.

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