NCUI: GC may take up Satyanarayan’s confirmation issue

The apex body of cooperatives in the country NCUI is holding its Board meeting today amidst a host of issues including implementation of the 7th Pay Commission. But apart from the declared agenda, the question of confirmation of CE in-charge N Satyanarayan is uppermost in the minds of people.

The issue of confirmation of acting Chief Executive N Satyanarayan as the regular CE has been hanging in the balance for quite a long time. People connected with the issue have stubbornly been tightlipped about it. In all the recent conferences including one held recently on strengthening women co-ops several dignitaries including Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh have referred to Satyanarayan as the CE. But in official papers he is yet to be confirmed on the job.

Indian Cooperative has learnt that NCUI top leadership is inclined towards confirming Satyanarayan in his job. Even Minister Radha Mohan Singh is said to have shown inclination towards Satyanarayan, sources say. “Be it PACS meeting in Motihari or women conference in Delhi, Satyanarayan has proved his mettle before the Minister”, claim his friends.

The Governing Council which is meeting after November last has to discuss, among others , the holding of National Cooperative Conference which it organizes every fourth year. Budget, probable dates and selection of chief guest are some of the issues the Council will discuss, said a source.

The GC is also likely to review the performance of training activities of the apex body in the year that has passed by as this is the meeting of the last quarter of the current fiscal. Both NCCE and NCCT-the two training arms of NCUI have done exceedingly well. While NCCE has registered a growth of 200 percent, NCCT has clocked about 60 per cent growth, said the source.

This Governing Council meeting may witness a subtle shift in the balance of power as the parent political organization of President Chandra Pal Singh Samajwadi Party suffered a major drubbing at the Uttar Pradesh elections, aver cooperators close to NCUI.

Jyotindra Mehta, the government nominee and a strong RSS man is however not attending the meeting due to his preoccupations.

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