NCCE teaches Cyber Security to UCBs members

National Centre for Cooperative Education (NCCE) –the educational arm of the apex body NCUI conducted a Leadership Development Programme for members of urban cooperative credit sector where, among other things, cyber safety was taught.

Cybercrime and cyber safety – how to be safe on the internet and Digital Banking were some of the topics that came up for discussion in the training programme in which participants numbering 42 and coming from various states including Delhi, West Bengal, M.P., Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka participated.

Cashless transaction, new tax regime – GST, Auditing for UCBs, etc were other relevant topics taken up during the training programme which took place last week at NCUI’s headquarters in Delhi.

Other topics covered included Value based management in cooperatives, Qualities and functions of effective leadership and recovery challenges for cooperative credit institutions.

”As it is important for the board of Directors of co-op organizations to know their job well, we incorporated various relevant topics in the training capsule for the banking sector”, said Dr. V.K. Dubey Director, NCCE.

Dubey also said the cooperative banking sector is playing an important role in providing loan to small businessmen and the weaker sections. UCBs and credit co-ops have the potential to compete with private and nationalized banks but for that they need to be well-trained, he summarized.

The participants were also provided a platform to interact with other participants and discussed the challenges and issues of UCBs. Yogesh Sharma, Director, NAFCUB also participated in the programme.

Anant Dubey, Assistant Director, NCCE coordinated the programme.

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