Field Projects: NCUI to release salaries

On the instruction of Rajasthan High Court NCUI has finally agreed to release salaries of cooperative employees associated with field projects of the apex body. Salaries of two months-October and November are being released, CE N Satyanarayan informed Indian Cooperative.

”High Court has ordered that the salaries be released only after a satisfactory evaluation of their job performance. We are in the process of setting up the procedure to evaluate their work,” said the CE.

The next hearing is slated for today- 9th of January.

Field Project staff members survive on the basis of short-tenure extension of their job which may be for 3 months or six month and at the most one year. NCUI sources say the extension is contingent upon the release of fund from the Ministry. In September 2016 they were given extension for six months up to March 2017.

Some of the employees have formed an association based in Jaipur and have petitioned the court on their sorry state of affairs. NCUI sources say everybody has sympathy for them but no one really helps them. They have knocked on all the doors-PM, President except perhaps the UNO or the US President, said a staff jokingly.

Those who did not go to court has won sympathies of NCUI as their salaries have seen yearly hike compared to those who have knocked at the door of court and try to be what is known as ‘leader’. There are approximately 58 employees who have gone to court. Except them, the rest of employees out of 180 got a 12% increase in their salaries recently.

43 cooperative education Field Projects spread over the whole of India particularly in cooperatively under-developed States are always touted as successful in disseminating coopefrative education and training by the leaders.

Through these Cooperative education field projects, different modules of cooperative education are delivered to primary agricultural societies which form the backbone of the cooperative movement in India, one of the Ministers recently boasted in Parliament.


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