51% of Nepalese women are active in co-ops: Sakya

”Cooperatives cover nearly 40 percent of districts of Nepal and these operate through agri co-ops, credit co-ops and other forms empowering women in the Himalayan country”, said Ramila Shrestha Sakya Board Member of Suchana Chautari Sanchar Society of Nepal.

Sakya was speaking at the inaugural session of three day leadership development programme for Nepali women cooperative functionaries in Delhi. National Center for Cooperative Training (NCCE)-the training arm of NCUI organized the event.

Sakya said ”51 percent of women in Nepal are participating in the cooperative movement and our bigger goal is to deepen Indo-Nepali cooperative ties,” she said.

 She also underscored the fact that members of Nepali cooperative societies are being trained to play an effective role in managing their societies.

More than 26 participants of Nepal from various societies including Suchana Chautari Sanchar cooperative society, Jai mangalam saving and credit cooperative society, Yagyashree saving and credit cooperative society, Suvsahyog saving and credit cooperative society and others attended the event.

The programme was inaugurated by NCUI, CE, N.Satyanaraya who spoke about digitization of societies, and their activities considering they carried out programmes in collaboration with ICA-AP and other international organizations.

He further emphasized on the need of the cooperative movement to be stronger in Nepal so that the spirit of cooperation could prevail in South Asia.

On the occasion, Dr V K Dubey, Director NCCE in his remarks said NCCE is conducting various training programmes in collaboration with CITAB within the SAARC region along with Diploma programmes form various SAARC countries.

The programme was coordinated by Dr. A R Srinath.

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