NCDC: LINAC meets for the first time in Delhi

The first meeting of the Governing Body of Laxmanrao Inamdar National Academy for Co-operative Research & Development (LINAC) took place on Friday at the NCDC headquarters in Delhi. All the members nominated to the Board were present in the meeting.

“We had met once at the time of inauguration of Laxmanrao Inamdar National Academy in Gurugram but that was an informal introductory meeting”, said Satish Marathe to Indian Cooperative just before going to the meeting.

The first meeting did not go much into actionable details but mostly discussed vision and mission of Laxmanrao Inamdar National Academy for Co-operative Research & Development.

Explaining the difference in the approach between Vamnicom and LINAC, Marathe said while the former mostly concerns itself with the day to day training, the latter aims to focus on research and higher learning in cooperative movement. It aims to involve best practices of cooperative extant anywhere in the world and aims to break new ground in the study of the movement.

D N Thakur, Deputy MD of NCDC has been appointed as Director General of LINAC. Thakur has been in the vanguard of all crucial happenings in the cooperative sector in recent times.

 The LINAC Governing Board is populated by impressive worthies such as Shobhana Pattanayak, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-op its Chairman, Satish Marathe, Sahakar Bharati Patron its Vice- Chairman.

The Board comprises of worthies like Dr K G Karmakar, ex MD, NABARD, Prof (Dr) Varadraj Bapat, IIT Mumbai and Dr V S Das, Retd Executive Director, RBI who is credited with preparing a note on Umbrella Organization for UCBs in the country.

Other members are Ms Radha Singh, Retd IAS, Ms Neela Gangadharan, Retd IAS, Former Secretary Law & Justice, GOI, Bengaluru and CA Rajib Sahoo, Member IPEF Board, Ministry of Corp Affairs, Bhubaneshwar.

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