Nafed Board rallies behind Chairman V R Patel

After the senior Vice-President, the junior one Sunil Kumar Singh has also come forward in the defense of NAFED Chairman V R Patel in the wake of media reports that one of his (Patel’s) nephews has been arrested by Gujarat police on charges of mixing sand and gravel with groundnuts.

Reacting to Indian Cooperative news report “NAFED: Resignation demand builds up as Chairman’s nephew arrested” Sunil said Patel himself is an example of honesty and such charges have no meaning. Only because somebody’s surname is Vadiya does not mean he is the nephew of Patel, as all Singhs could not be relatives of Sunil Singh”, he tried to clarify. Magan Zalavadiya has been named as the main accused by the Gujarat police.

Meanwhile, in a fast-paced development VR Patel-a Congressman quit the party fold feeling guilty of having called the first press conference on the issue under Congress banner. Coming into his defense State Congress Spokesman Manish Doshi said Patel has resigned on his own and there was no pressure from the party. The Congress leader also demanded resignation of Dillep Sanghani saying he owes responsibility for being the Vice-President of Nafed.

Seeking explanation from Congress on Patel’s resignation, BJP Minister R C Faldu demanded his resignation from Nafed too. The main accused happens to be his nephew, Faldu added. Faldu also expressed his plan to apprise the Union Agriculture Ministry of the alleged hanky-panky indulged in by some of the Nafed bosses.

Though at the state level, the Nafed episode has become a political slug-fest between BJP and Congress, cooperators in Delhi are displaying unique solidarity with BJP’s Sanghani supporting Congress’s V R Patel and vice-versa.

Explaining the chemistry, the second Vice-Chairman Sunil Singh said “cooperators do not play politics and the entire Board of Nafed stands solidly behind Patel on the issue. ”We would support him at all costs”, he added. Sunil, who is also the Chairman of Bihar State Co-op Marketing Federation BISCOMAUN said Patel is a careful man and is the one who would guide his fellow cooperators through every tricky situation. We regard him as an honest cooperator and we vouch for his moral correctness , he underlined.

Sunil, however, admitted that some of the Nafed officials may be responsible for the episode as cooperative leaders have shown -carefulness after the tie-up episode, said Sunil. It bears recall that the name of “Agri Star”-entrusted wiith the job of certifying the quality of groundnuts is cropping in this context.

“None of us, I mean, cooperative leaders- have ever met any of the representative of Agri Star and it mostly deals with the officers of Nafed. We have no idea who recruited this agency and how have they bungled up – these questions should be better asked to the Nafed officials”, the Vice-President said candidly.

“Trust me we have grown extra-careful after the tie-up episode and no leader in his senses would ever attempt any wrong-doing; that era is over”, Sunil said passionately.

It bears recall that the Gujarat Police took into custody several people including a warehousing manager of Gujarat State Co-Operative Cotton Federation Limited (GUJCOT) for their alleged involvement in adulteration of groundnuts bought from farmers in cahoots with the cooperative society of Junagadh.

The police had registered a complaint for adulteration of 31,000 bags of groundnut stored at a godown in Pedhla village. Magan Zalavadiya the main accused was responsible for mixing soil and gravel with groundnuts.

Cooperators like Sanghani fear that more such cases would crop when the groundnut godowns are opened in future.


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  1. Dr Bijender Singh

    I appreciate n join Dr.Sunil Kumar Singh ,Chairman Nafed is a very honest cooperative leader of our country and this case b given to CBI ,local police may not b able to get the facts in this case.Sh.Dalip Singhani name also has been dragged unnecessarily he also is very honest leader


    अभी जैसा ईमानदार बोर्ड पूर्व में कभी नहीं रहा, अगर कहीं गलती हुई है तो इसके लिए उस प्रांत के खरीदने वाले लोग गलत किए हैं


    जैसा ईमानदार बोर्ड अभी है इसके पूर्व में ऐसा बोर्ड कभी नहीं रहा अगर कहीं किसी प्रकार की गड़बड़ी हुई है तो इसके लिए100% जिम्मेवार स्टार एग्री और उसके लाने वाले MD हो सकते हैं।

  4. Vijay Pratap

    जितना जल्दी संभव हो इस की CBI इंक्वायरी होनी चाहिए निश्चित रूप से नेफेड के कुछ पदाधिकारी भी इस में लिप्त पाए जाएंगे.


    जिस संस्था के बोर्ड में माननीय उपाध्यक्ष, डाॅ0 सुनील कुमार सिंह साहब हो उस बोर्ड में कोई गड़बड़ी या स्कैम के बारे में सपना में सोच भी नहीं सोच सकते हैं।


    बिल्कुल सही बात है भाई


    हमलोगा भी दावे के साथ कह सकते हैं। कोई गड़बड़ी हुई होगी तो पहले हुई होगी। अभी के बोर्ड में डाॅ0 सुनील साहब जैसा उपाध्यक्ष हो तो दावे के साथ कहा जा सकता है कि अभी के जैसा कभी भी ईमानदार बोर्ड नहीं रही होगी, जो डाॅ0 साहब पूरे बिहार राज्य में खुला चैलेंज कालाबजारियों को दे रहें है। समाचार पत्र में न्यूज देकर 265 रुपया में यूरिया बिस्कोमान के माध्यम से किसान को दे रहें है। वह नेफेड में क्या कहीं भी जहां वह बोर्ड में वहां गड़बड़ी होने देगें ही नहीं।
    जय हिन्द जय सहकारिता


    इसकी CBI इंक्वायरी होनी चाहिए

  9. Dayanand Yadav

    पदाधिकारियों का मिलीभगत हो सकता है कोई बड़ी बात नहीं है। लेकिन अभी के बोर्ड पर अंगूली उठाना ये सही बात नहीं है।
    जय हिन्द, जय सहकारिता

  10. Laxmi Pandey

    सहकारिता में गड़बड़ी को रोकना ही डाॅ0 सुनील कुमार सिंह माननीय अध्यक्ष बिस्कोमान एवं माननीय उपाध्यक्ष नेफेड का लक्ष्य है।

  11. Divesh Paswan

    सही बात है।

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