Paradigm shift: IFFCO not to invest in chemical fertilizer

Declaring a major shift in the investment policy of IFFCO, MD Dr U S Awasthi said “no more investment in chemical fertilizer”. He was interacting with journalists at the UNI headquarters.

Sounding concerned over the degrading environmental situation across nations Awasthi said this step is aimed at curbing further deterioration in ecology. IFFCO, readers would note is the largest producer of chemical fertilizer in the country.

Quoting examples of China and America, IFFCO MD said while the former had announced cessation of investment in chemical fertilizer, the latter is experimenting with bio-fertilzer in fields close to the banks of the river Mississippi.

For last one year IFFCO MD and his team have been visiting different parts of the country enlightening farmers about the benefits of using organic and bio-fertilizers. One of his senior officers Yogendra Kumar makes a special presentation on bio-fertilzer at all meetings of farmers. The team carries Sagarika and other bio-stuff wherever they go.

Save -Our-Soil is one of the pet campaigns of IFFCO in which the danger of excessive use of chemical fertilizer is emphasized. On numerous occasions MD has said it may sound paradoxical that a chemical fertilizer company is advocating the use of bio-fertilizer. “But more than the profit, the country’s land matters to us”, he invariably cautions.

“This is, however the first occasion when MD has announced such a crucial decision- a chemical fertilizer co-op not investing in what it stands for”, said those close to IFFCO.

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