Nobody deserves Padma Award more than Awasthi: Sanghani

While moving a vote of thanks, Dileep Sanghani the newly elected IFFCO director could not restrain himself and said even Padma Award would be honoured if a person like Awasthi receives it.

Without mincing his words Sanghani said that in all organizations a nucleus of power emerges on its own. It is Dr U S Awasthi in IFFCO, he said pointing out the Darwinian principle of natural selection.

Today IFFCO is counted as one of the top cooperatives in the world and Awasthi indeed deserves credit for it.

Sanghani also called the reservation of women in the next IFFCO RGB revolutionary as far as the cooperative movement is concerned.

“I have been associated with cooperatives since childhood but I have never seen dividend being credited into accounts as soon as the Board of Directors gives it the green light. It is amazing and in tune with digital India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to ”, said Sanghani.

This swiftness in crediting dividends in share-holders’ accounts has not been accomplished even by small co-ops; even I run one and we have not succeeded while a giant co-op like IFFCO is able to do so effortlessly, Sanghani said congratulating the management.

It was obvious from Sanghani’s speech that he was impacted by the board meetings of IFFCO he had recently attended. “They are talking of Nano technology, new methods and futuristic planning-things dear to the heart of Prime Minister Modi”, Sanghani said. It bears recall that Sanghani enjoys unique chemistry with the Prime Minister by being his room-mate and cabinet colleague in the past.

He also touched upon the issue of Nafed and said it hurts when we hear about any cooperative going down the slope. He expressed satisfaction that in the last 2-3 years the cooperative giant -Nafed has seen a turnaround nullifying its losses. “It was all due to the PM’s intervention,” he underlined.


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