Media laps up IFFCO’s digital promise

A niggardly Indian media that invariably covers developments in the cooperative sector by a sliver has suddenly woken up to a quiet and yet an earth-shattering digital revolution IFFCO is currently spearheading in the countryside.

A spate of media interviews of IFFCO MD Dr US Awasthi last week highlighted how the cooperative giant is on the job by contacting about 4 crore farmers and goading them into joining its new venture Indian Cooperative Digital Platform.

India TV News Portal, Catch News, ANI etc were some of the media outfits which focused on the subject, Indian Cooperative has been following since the idea was conceived by Awasthi and his team.

In his media interactions IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi once again reiterated “Remember, we are a cooperative. IFFCO will grow when the farmer grows. And I feel today a farmer can do so many things using technology.

In a small screen in your palm, a phone gives an extraordinary opportunity for the user to connect to the entire world. Imagine, if you have the internet, you can actually hear the speech of Nelsen Mandela right then, standing in your farmland. You are freed from the TV, the radio and the scheduled programs, he added.

Similarly, we want our farmer brothers to engage with IFFCO not only for the two days when they have to buy fertilizers from us. We want them to benefit from us for the rest of the 365 days of the year as well. Digital allows us to take new innovations to everyone even in the last nook of the country, MD added.

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. pawan yadav

    Very Good initiative done by IFFCO in today’s digital world and for the betterment of our Farmers.

  2. A K Gupta

    Excellent coverage and latest topics

  3. Amar Singh

    Helping farmers to grow makes India to grow. Help farmers to grow and see Mother India grow. Salute to the great thoughts of our honorable MD.

  4. S C Mittal

    Wonderful initiative by IFFCO, a friend of farmers and cooperatives, to connect farmers on the digital space. I wish full returns of the objective of the initiative. This will bring farmers in the main stream of Digital India.

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