IFFCO unveils video on Mother’s Day

The largest fertilizer cooperative in the world IFFCO released a video on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Titled “What happened when grown-ups are asked to describe their mother-the video is based on graphics and animations.

IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi who upholds mother as institution, tweeted on the occasion  ”No one can give unconditional love, affection & care other than #mother. She is always with us like a shadow. Happy #MothersDay to everyone”.

Earlier, in an interview to Indian Cooperative on the topic, Dr U S Awasthi had said “My mother was a strong lady and the one person I love the most in my life it is my mother. She is most adorable. I still feel her smell and get nostalgic; she was such a great human being.”

Recounting further he said “We lost our father early and it was she who nurtured us siblings into what we are today. My elder brother was such a colossus in literature that Sahitaya Academy has listed him as one of the top 100 writers. My two sisters have also been hugely successful.  All this was possible due to my mother’s excellent parenting, he added.

A leader’s vision on issues percolates through the organization and IFFCO’’s video on the occasion is a result of this phenomenon, quipped a scribe.

Watch the Video:

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