IFFCO sets up modern farmers’ training centre

IFFCO has dedicated a training centre to the farmers of Odisha at Paradip touted as country’s first ever highly modernized farmer training centre. The objective behind the initiative is imparting training to farmers to enhance farm yield and train them in add-on skills and organic farming for proper utilisation of land.

The team led by its Managing Director Dr U S Awasthi –who has been visiting Indian states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari landed at Bhuvneshwar in Odisha on Sunday with a twin aim of–meeting farmers of the state and holding the monthly Board meeting. It was one of those Connect Campaigns in which majority of Board members participated. It was 121st destination.

Later, on Tuesday IFFCO Board met for the meeting. MD Dr U S Awasthi tweeted in Hindi on the board meeting “it was the 12th Board meeting of the Golden Jubilee Year and 484th held at Paradeep Plant on Tuesday”.

IFFCO’s board members including the Chairman and MD had a plant tour- meeting workers and viewing the manufacturing processes also. Detailing the event Awasthi tweeted “Today the directors of IFFCO have visited Paradeep Unit on the occasion of Golden Jubilee. The world’s largest complex is situated here.”

Readers would recall that earlier IFFCO held its 11th board meeting in Chandigarh.

Earlier, Awasthi visited Kashmir and here he was compelled to say that the IFFCO team had covered the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari meeting thousands of farmers.

He also asked farmers in Kashmir to take to organic farming more and more. “We have to make farmers of Kashmir more prosperous with modern farming techniques. Use organic fertilizer, Sagarika in the farming of Apple, Kesar, Rice and other crops”, says Awasthi’s tweet.

Addressing farmers in Bhubaneswar, Awasthi stressed the importance of women in farming and their important role in the IFFCO family. He also emphasized the importance IFFCO’s Digital Platform to provide products online to farmers at their homes.

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  1. Surinder Singh

    Dr. U. S. Awasthi is doing a great service to the nation. God bless him.

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