IFFCO: Kumar rewarded, gets plump post

Yogendra Kumar, who acted as a shadow for IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi during farmers’ connect campaign has been rewarded with one of the top posts in the cooperative behemoth. The decision to promote him as Marketing Director was taken in the last week’s Board meeting.

Kumar- mild-mannered and go-getter has had a career advancement unheard of not only in cooperative but also in corporate. Till recently he was Joint GM and in a matter of a few years he crossed many humps to stand at the rarified echelon as the Marketing Director of the fertilizer cooperative.

Sharing the information through social media IFFCO Managing Director Dr U S Awasthi wrote “Congratulations, Best Wishes to Mr Yogendra Kumar in his new role as Marketing Director. Wishing for his successful future!”

A trouble shooter par excellence Kumar could be seen working out the nitty- gritty of any campaign undertaken by IFFCO-be it mammoth farmers’ campaign or foray into organic fertilizer.

Realizing that Kumar has a unique oratorical skill, an astute MD would always ask him to present IFFCO’s organic products to the gathering of farmers before MD himself would take over the stage. And Kumar did it quite well making products like Sagarika –a household name.

When this correspondent mentioned about the whispers doing the rounds at IFFCO’s headquarters in Delhi regarding his promotion just prior to the Board meeting Kumar said “let us wait and watch”. Though he had confirmed information about his promotion he avoided saying so before the formal decision was taken-an Indian habit of being cautious lest things should go awry.

Kumar replaces Arbindo Roy. Roy has also received the farewell from IFFCO Board members on his retirement. He had played long innings with IFFCO. Tweeting about Roy MD said “ Today #IFFCO Board gave farewell to Mr. Arbinda Roy @Arabinda50 on his superannuation from #IFFCO.”

Awasthi also underlined contributions of Mr Roy who had been instrumental in implementing and spearheading the marketing division of IFFCO. “I wish him good health & success in all his future endeavors”, Awasthi said.

Unconfirmed sources say Arbinda Roy is likely to take over as MD of IFFCO MC.

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  1. Abhimanyu Rai

    Congratulations to Mr Yogendra Kumar for such prestigious &important position & responsibilities

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