IFFCO: Farmers throng MD’s meets in Odisha

The untiring IFFCO team led by its Managing Director Dr U S Awasthi covered two important destinations in Odisha before the week ended. First, they held a huge gathering of farmers in Puri and later a meeting with cooperators and farmers of Behrampur – his 122nd and 123rd destinations of Farmers’ Connect Campaign respectively.

Carrying the flag of IFFCO afloat if IFFCO official Yogendra Kumar explained to the assembled farmers about the benefits of using Sagarika and other bio-fertilizers, IFFCO’s Director from Odisha Simachal Padhy narrated in detail various activities IFFCO undertakes to help farmers.

The captain of the team Dr U S Awasthi exhorted the farmers of Puri to believe in themselves and get connected to IFFCO’s digital platform. “We will connect Bharat to India with your support”, he underscored.

A large number of women participants had come to the gathering at Puri and MD obliged them by posing for group photographs. He also emphasized the merit of enrolling more and more women into the cooperative fold. Giving details of the Puri meeting one of Awasthi’s team mates said more than a thousand farmers had come to hear the MD.

Some of the local cooperators also spoke on the occasion and thanked IFFCO for doing good work. They also extended congratulations to the team on the occasion of Golden Jubilee. Awasthi, as has been his practice met each of them-one on one.

In Berhampur the IFFCO MD told the assembled farmers that IFFCO has laid the foundation of a Digital Bharat which will not only benefit individual farmers but would also take the pride of the country to the pinnacle. He repeated his message once again that saving the soil is crucial for the growth of farmers.

“IFFCO is an idea which is geared to the growth and prosperity of farmers; strengthening you in every aspect of life is our goal”, Dr Awasthi made an impassioned speech.

Both at Puri and Behrampur local Oriyya artists were encouraged to present their folk dances. The IFFCO team began its journey by first offering prayers at the temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri.

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